Where can I find all tasks of Kurchatov Olympiad?

Just like the above tasks, where can I find the archive of " Олимпиада по физике памяти академика И.В.Курчатова"? These problems are really amazing.
Please help.

All I could find was this, but I am not sure because of different title
For some reason, I couldn’t open links on the olympiad with same title one, two

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I was able to open one of the website with same title: https://olimpiada.ru/activity/5052/tasks But this only has tasks of year 2014. I think it is not available fully on the internet.

The olympiad has been renamed I guess. Please take a look at this image.

Do you know where I can find tasks of other years of “отборочный тур олимпиады «Росатом»” ?

Sure, check MathUS and also mephi uni site, where you can find huge number of past papers

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Thanks a lot!