Rotating concentric coils

Please help in solving this problem.

I suppose you solved the first part. In order to simplify calculations in 2nd and 3rd parts, consider the small coil as a magnetic dipole.

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Yeah, I was able to solve the first part. I-ll try the 2nd and 3rd using the assumption now… thank you!

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Btw, where would you rate this task based on difficulty? It would help me in getting an idea.

I would say this is something that Irodov would include in his problem book

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Ah i see

For the 3rd part you can also use a reciprocity theorem for mutual inductance. (M_{12} = M_{21})

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Ah ok… I’ll take a note of that

I had one more doubt in another problem… let me make a new post for that

Thank you soo much…hehe i got it right somehow